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100+ Lenders | 10,000+ Lending Programs


All 50 States • All Deal Types • All Credit Profiles

Our mission is to serve our clients with honesty, integrity and competence. Our goal is to offer funding options while providing fast response and affordable rates. Furthermore, we pledge to help investors overcome roadblocks that can arise while securing time-sensitive real estate transactions.

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Easy Button Lending will connect you with qualified lending options from the industry’s TOP LENDERS!

Are you wholesale flipping a property? We have the Transactional funding you need to get the deal done!

Do you need conventional investor Real Estate Lending? We have over 100+ lenders to get your deal funded.

"Do you need transactional funding? Or how about a rehab loan or funding for a fix & flip? Easy Button Lending is your premier lending source for all thing commercial real estate. My team of experts and I are here to get the funding you need while holding your hand every step of the way. Getting Commercial Real Estate funding REALLY is as easy as 1-2-3. Just push the Easy Button!"

Nick Legamaro, COO

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