The Gap Funder provides funds required for a renovation project that the Hard Money Lender doesn't cover. This allows for rehabbers to complete a project without using any of their own funds, yet enjoy profits from the project. Additionally, it allows for cash investors to make much higher returns on their funds.


Complete our simplified 3-Minute Gap Funding Pre-Qualification Quick App to do a quick check on whether or not you meet the program's minimum essentials.


Documentation is minimal, but specific. The sooner you provide the required documentation, the sooner you'll be on your way to receiving funds.


Once your file is complete and ready be reviewed by an Underwriter, we conduct a compliance call to verify your identity and the information on your documentation.


Approvals are generally obtained with 48 hours after the compliance call in conducted, and you're on your way to the funding desk.


Once approved, your first round of funding will typically be deposited within 5-7 business days, from start to finish.

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